About Me

I have the skill set needed to represent Nye County’s District 3 as Commissioner.

I have the professional background, the civic involvement, and am a ten-year resident of Pahrump. My background in the hospitality, financial services and not-for-profit industries has given me the expertise needed to analyze and implement critical solutions. My experience in the Marine Corps and on the municipal planning board at my previous residence has given me the integrity, discipline and insight into governmental affairs that I will apply as District 3 Commissioner.

I have served my community of Pahrump since retirement. I originally volunteered on the Valley Electric Association Bylaw Committee and currently serve on the Policy Committee, I serve on the Leadership team of the Pahrump Community Church Food Pantry and hold several other local board positions.

Nye County residents deserve someone who values servant leadership. I will apply my experience, paying close attention to details, and provide creative solutions in complex issues while striving for transparency by listening to and communicating with District 3 residents.

These are the things that concern me:

Responsible Growth – using our resources wisely so we do not become like our neighbors on the other side of the hump.
Water – Impress upon the County that water is our most precious resource and should be conserved at every opportunity.
Communication – I will be responsive to the District’s concerns by responding to all calls and messages in a timely manner.
Fiscal Responsibility – Stabilize the assets of Nye County, positioning it to ride out financial instability.

These are some of the things about this Campaign that concern me.
– I have permission from every property owner for placing my signs. I have not just planted them wherever I wished.
– I have not sent letters to residents asking them why they permit campaign signs of my competition on their property because once they were a “customer” of a particular business.
– My campaign is being paid for my small, personal donations.
– I served honorably for ten years in the United States Marine Corps, was trained as a senior radio/electronics Technician, was responsible for training and leading ~60 Marines.
– I have never filed for bankruptcy, failed to file my taxes on time, had a home foreclosed upon, been late with a car, credit card, power or mortgage payment.
– This is the first time I have ever run for public office.
<> Please research me and my opponents and make an informed decision on who should represent District 3.