Why do I volunteer at VEA?

When Tom Husted disappeared, VEA was broke, and we had all been lied to. Many citizens were demanding, rightly so, that the VEA Directors who did not stand up to and prevent Husted’s malfeasance, resign. I was one of those angry citizens.

Through opportunities to dig into the history, the picture was pieced together.  The money was not stolen. Independent audits revealed that, due to the malfeasance, it had been liberally squandered on, among other things; a luxurious office building, an unnecessary conference center, a Command Center with cutting-edge technology, an even more luxurious satellite office in Las Vegas, cars dedicated to each department, hiring TV celebrities as guest speakers at the annual meetings, and the list goes on. All the while, borrowing money and not raising electricity rates, keeping the rates artificially low, members placated, and blissfully unaware.

VEA mislead the members into selling the power line. Advertising it as some “great economic windfall” that would fund a community center, continue to keep electricity rates artificially low, and give a bonus check to every utility member.  VEA was broke and that sale paid for loans coming due and the fiber project. The promised community center was fabricated. For VEA to ‘give’ the money for the community center, that would necessitate a huge loan, which we would all pay in the way of higher rates. The power line would have actually brought in approximately $7,000,000 per year in line leases! Imagine how that would have offset our electric rates!

Through great amounts of dedication and work, the ship is turning, VEA has made great strides but it still has a way to go. So as to NOT be caught in a similar situation, I feel compelled to continue to volunteer, donating my time for the betterment of all the members and until the time that other obligations make it impossible to do so.